Flathead Fluid

At Flathead Fluid the makers seem to be in nostalgic mood. The labels for their bottles feature a vintage car. Their website images present ideas and images suggestive of a yearning for simple times. If you loved American Graffiti or Grease, then you might feel it too. If you like the modern world as it is, you will get over your indifference towards the past by tasting their juice.

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Just 4 flavors are currently available with the prospect of more to come, but the company is small and in its infancy. Those four flavors are Rumble Seat, Chop Top, Roadster, and Deuce. Nothing is said about how they are made or the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin balance.

Sitting in the Rumble Seat

A Rumble Seat conjures many potential memories: of movie scenes or even one’s own youth. Those memories might be embarrassing or turn you pink in the cheeks for more pleasurable reasons.

What will the juice do? It should make you think of drive-in movie theaters where they sold fresh popcorn, except this nicotine juice pours melted caramel over it with a pinch of salt.

Chop Top

Vanilla and caramel have been getting together for a long time; like that couple who started dating in high school, when he asked her to wear his football coat and that meant they were going steady. Later they got married and had kids. The couple is strong, but not heavy because of their long union. They still laugh together.

Driving a Roadster

During a summer road trip, you used to be able to stop at an orchard and pick your own peaches, paying by the pound. Flathead Fluid’s Roadster is a peach juice smelling and tasting of fresh fruit from a childhood holiday in California.


Watermelons were a staple of family picnics, like fried chicken and potato salad. Maybe families stop by a fast food restaurant on the way to the beach these days, but vaping on Deuce will remind you of summers when the fried chicken was homemade and that watermelon came from your garden.

Buying Flathead Fluid

Batches of Flathead Fluid are made 240 bottles at a time, so there is every chance the flavor you want is sold out at the vape store or online. When you find it, prices usually hover around $13 for 15mls or you can buy a 30ml bottle. Nicotine levels go up to 1.8%. The bottles are glass with a dripping top so you do not have to buy a syringe for dripping your juice into a dripping atomizer, tank, or clearomizer.

More about Flathead Fluid

The write up on Flathead Fluid’s website is not personal but artistic; verbose even. Though I feel that same longing for better, simpler times, people are more important than memories. It did not seem that the makers of Flathead Fluid were talking to me but to themselves.

I also wonder what a passing reference to a “clean room” refers to and if that is supposed to make me feel better. Even though there are too few details, though, I do want to try those nuanced flavors very much.

Starting Slowly

Flathead Fluid got onto Facebook in the spring of 2013, since when they have had very little to say, posted hardly anything, and have received a few comments that do not appear to have received responses in a hurry.

That website mentioned earlier is not a place for buying; only looking, like a shop window. Buy Flathead Fluid nicotine juice from shops and online vendors specializing in hand-crafted juices produced in small batches with unique flavors, well thought-out flavors that are somehow different from others, no matter how similar they sound.