Free Cigs

Free Cigs is an electronic cigarettes brand committed to deliver technologically advanced electronic cigarettes and related products. At Free Cigs, users can find e-cig starter kits, powerful batteries, different e-cig flavors, chargers, clearomizers, tanks, coil heads and many others.

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Free Cig E-Cigs Design

The design of Free Cigs electronic cigarettes is classy. They are colored in black and are sleek in design. Since the e-cigs are quite thin, holding and smoking them for long hours will be a comfortable experience.

Free Cigs Battery Life

The battery life of Free Cigs electronic cigarettes depends on the battery you get. Users can either get the battery of their choice with the starter kit they get or buy batteries separately. There are both powerful and less powerful batteries available.

Users can expect 6-8 hours of electronic smoking with the 1100 – 1600 mAh batteries and longer battery life with 2250 mAh battery (about 10-12 hours). There are other less powerful and cheaper batteries available at Free Cigs (700, 800 and 900 mAh) that will deliver 3-5 hours of e-cig smoking.


Free Cigs offers many different flavors in separate categories.

Some of the flavor categories available at Free Cigs include:

  • Novelty
  • Fruit flavors
  • The Riddler
  • Menthol
  • Mint
  • Dekang E-Liquid
  • Open Bar
  • Soda Shop
  • Coffee & Tea

Vapor Volume

The vapor volume of Free Cigs e-cigarettes is high and the vapor is quite thick. Users can expect the vapor volume to be thicker if they use their electronic cigarettes with the 2250 mAh battery. Moreover, since Free Cigs offers premium e-liquid that is manufactured in the United States, the vaping experience will be extremely smooth.

Other Products Available At Free Cigs

Free Cigs offers many other electronic cigarette products along with different branded products. Users can opt to buy e-cig products from brands such as DBox, Ehpro, Efest and others. Additionally, Free Cigs offers drip tips, adapters, lithium ion chargers, lithium ion batteries, tanks, coil heads, atomizers (rebuildable) and others at affordable prices and large varieties.


At Free Cigs, users can get charging accessories in order to ensure that they never run out of e-cig battery. The charging accessories available at Free Cigs include USB chargers, car charger (EGO and universal), and Universal USB wall charger. The prices of all the chargers fall between a price range of only $3 – $5.

Free Cigs offers free shipping on orders over $75. Users can buy products using payment options such as Visa, MasterCard and others.