FreeMasons Elixir

When it comes to e-liquid, there can be no secrets. The public wants to know what their vapor is made of. The FDA wants to know too. In fact, they will soon insist on it.

So, FreeMasons Elixir is not some kind of secret society. It’s a surprise that their name does not carry a Star Wars reference or some allusion to R2D2. Then again, they probably would have infringed on copyright law and fallen foul of George Lucas.

R2D2 Everywhere

On their Facebook page, just about every image of products, even a photo of their lab, contains a little R2D2 figurine somewhere. He is like Gold Bug in Richard Scarry’s Busy Town books, except not hidden for the viewer to find. One image shows a wall plastered with Star Wars posters, but I do not see signs of a lounge open to the public. FreeMasons Elixir, Inc. makes liquid for wholesale distribution.

E-Liquid Production

This juice is made in the United States and comes in nicotine values of 0, 4mg, 9mg, or 14mg. Each bottle boasts a white and blue label. Small ones are straight, ordinary-shaped; larger bottles are bottom-heavy with a rounded base and triangular shape. FreeMasons Elixir is based in Norwalk, California, but you can find them all over the state. Apparently, the blender who makes these nicotine liquids uses juice from the tangerines growing in his yard to make natural flavoring.

Buying FreeMasons Elixir

Purchase FreeMasons Elixir at The Vapors in Glendora, Valencia Clouds, Vapor House in Los Angeles, Calivapers, Vape & Co., Vapor DNA, Smoke Free Source, Vapor King, and a few other venues. The price for a 15ml bottle is usually about $12, with some exceptions ($13.99 at Valencia Clouds).

Flavors by FreeMasons Elixir

There are just 5 flavors for your perusal at this time: Templar, Blue Granite, Treasury, Liberty, and Justice. Only the Templar title is prominently associated with the FreeMasons. The company is young, so watch for more titles to emerge soon.

Templar tastes of sweet apricot. Blueberry and pomegranate pair up to form Blue Granite, a tank-cracker, by the way. Enjoy honey tangerine and notes of strawberry from drops of Treasury. Liberty contains Asian pear and raspberry. Notice, it’s not regular pear. Asian pear is an unusual flavor for the vaping industry; a fusion of apple and pear with an alcoholic edge when eaten ripe. This could be a complex and unusual choice.

Justice combines apple and mango into a gummy candy-style vape. It’s the only candy choice here. Menthol and tobacco are absent. All choices are fruity and light.

Meeting the Makers of FreeMasons Elixir, Inc.

This is a new company, launched early in 2014. Yet, the makers are getting around, meeting new people and making their label known to the public. They have attended several vape meets already. FreeMasons Elixir’s social media presence is already thickening, suggesting the owners plan to become well known and be social.