Frisco Vapor

Although there is a town called Frisco in Texas, vaping is much bigger in California, which is the location for Frisco Vapor. Their San Francisco shop is beloved by locals and vapers who travel an extra quarter of an hour to visit them instead of other people. Find out more about how they have made such a fantastic impression in a short time.

FriscoVapor.comCustomer Comments

Great customer service wins fans faster than anything else. If you can bring back a faulty battery, no questions asked, that’s a sign you have confidence in your business and put customers first.

There are always limits: like making an exchange after several weeks. Still, Frisco Vapor’s manager and employees go further than most to make sure your vaping and shopping experiences are equally positive.

Lessons can be arranged so customers learn how to rebuild atomizers. Their classes are for Ekowool or micro-cotton users. Demonstrations are not free, even if you just bought a tank. That’s the only downside.

Otherwise, customers are welcomed at all levels of e-cig experience. They can relax in the lounge, visit the e-juice bar, and buy electronic devices. Online nicotine juice orders are delivered for a flat shipping cost of $4.

E-Liquids by Frisco Vapor

Frisco Vapor makes just six flavors of e-liquid at their San Francisco lab, using US-manufactured nicotine and USP-grade ingredients. Flavors are known as Fillmore, Ashbury, Soma, Marina, and Lombard.

Fillmore blends tobacco, peanut butter, vanilla, and bananas. It’s a creamy and rich tobacco, unusual in that most blenders do not mix tobacco with peanut butter.

Ashbury is Acai Chai. For spearmint and menthol, you want Soma which is also infused with melon and berries.

If you like pop rocks candy, you will enjoy a sweet-tart Marina. Lombard is known as a beautiful milky mango, like a Mango Lassi. Natural extract has been used to create the mango flavor.

Each bottle can be blended with up to 1.8% nicotine. The price tag on a 15ml bottle is $14, which is very high even as California vapor shops go.

Other juices sold here are made by Flavorz by Joe, Juice by Numbers, Drakes Vapes, Ben Jonson, Five Pawns, and a host of other juice companies.

Products Sold at Frisco Vapor

Don’t try to shop online at Frisco Vapor: apart from their e-liquid, everything else on the screen is for show only. You have to visit in person. They carry the PAX by Ploom which is an attractive portable herbal vaporizer of some repute. It sells for over $200.

There are starter kits priced from $45 to $85 with e-liquid included. Find out what they are selling right now by signing up to be notified by email about sales and specials. Frisco Vapor does not sell clones of mechanical mods or other electronic cigarettes. They only sell authentic models, sometimes high-cost models.

What Are You Paying for?

It’s no secret that brick-and-mortar vapor stores everywhere overcharge customers compared to online vendors. They have to pay for overhead and display-case lighting, heating, furnishings, sample juices, business taxes, and wages. Still, this is an expensive store to visit by some accounts.

But people keep coming back. Their reasoning is always that customers are treated like gold. They are more than helpful: employees know what they are doing, yet do not condescend to new vapers. A high level of service is always worth paying more for.