Froggies Vapors

Froggies Vapors might have been wiser to call themselves Froggies Vapers. That small change would prevent consumers from imagining they would find vaporizing juice at FV, which is not here. At least, it isn’t offered yet. Perhaps FV is just getting started and their website will grow. Currently, as this review will point out, Froggies Vapors is limited.

Wholesale Pricing

Like a lot of firms, Froggies Vapors does offer a wholesale pricing list for consumers who run their own physical or internet stores selling electronic cigarettes. If such individuals rely on Froggies Vapors, however, their product lists will be regrettably small. They might use Froggies Vapors for a handful of items such as drip tips.

Good Stuff

In spite of these commercial let-downs, what Froggies Vapors does put up for sale is good stuff. An example is the Kamry K Telescoping E Cig. The button on the bottom, according to the write up, is sturdy unlike many which feel like they will wiggle off. It can also be locked in place if you prefer.

The Kamry K uses any one of three different sorts of batteries and the kit comes with two. Also included are a cartomizer shield, case, and a 510 chrome drip tip. This classy item comes in bronze, blue, or gold.

Online Accessories

Look for your tanks at Froggies Vapors, such as large dual coil Smoketech tanks or Pyrex glass versions of the same make. AG1, Boge, and Innokin are three other names you will find on their website. Consumers will not be disappointed with these names.

What they might decide, however, is that even if they are not wholesale customers, they have to go elsewhere for other pieces. The selection is so limited that it would be impossible to make this a one-stop shopping page, which is what a lot of consumers want. It takes less time to order juice and parts from a single provider.