Gamucci is a UK e cig company that has been producing electronic cigarettes for a few years. Reviews go back to 2009, so try to focus on more recent ones if you want to know what the brand is like today. Also, beware: English customers tend to be more candid and less ebullient about things.

Gamucci Review

The name “Gamucci” makes me think of “Gucci” as though I should compare e cigs to high-end designer hand bags. Should I make such a comparison? If I did, Gamucci would look even worse in their shadow. Ratings by customers include many low points.


The worst point tends to be that their cartridges run out really quickly. A caveat for all e cig customers: advertising is frequently inaccurate. Batteries and cartridges will not necessarily provide the 200 puffs you expect. A charge could last half the time a package promises.

It is also important that customers treat their e cigs the way manufacturers recommend. Some comments might reflect the results of a less conscientious attitude.

Flavors are the usual, but with cola as well and a maximum of 2.2%.

Prices for Gamucci

Gamucci comes from the UK, but there are U.S. distributors too. In Blighty, they are sold at stationers, grocery stores, and gas stations. In the U.S., Gamucci is available online.

A USB starter kit costs $19.99 with just one cartridge: fine but not great without a second cartridge. The Micro Deluxe is priced $59.99. It contains two high-power batteries, the two chargers, a carry case, but just 4 cartridges. If these things run out of juice the way customers say they do, your starter kit will last about three days.

Besides, you can get more cartridges for $59.99 plus the other pieces (except a carry case) from other retailers without buying UK products. Support American e cig companies, at least until Gamucci improves their game.