GC Vapors

With two stores in D’Iberville and one in Orange Grove, GC Vapors of MS has its food solidly in the door and appears to be doing pretty well. The store also operates online where they carry a decent range of vaping equipment.

GCVaporsBrands at GC Vapors

Two of the usual suspects are here: Kanger and Aspire. GC Vapors also appears to like Ovale products and carries several, which comes as something of a surprise.

Yet, from time to time a vendor will light on some less likely brand (like the Volt or Smoov) and choose those products over mainstream brands such as Joyetech or Smok. That makes shopping more interesting and selection more diverse.

Products by Ovale

Purchase an eGo Twist XXL for $34.99. They have a 650 Twist for $26.99. The Build Your Own Custom eCig Kit comes with regular or Twist eGo batteries by Ovale. Starter Kits include the Ovale Elipse-C Starter for $71.99 and an eMini Starter for $55.99. Visit GC Vapors to find out more.

Kanger Clearomizers

The Kanger Protank II costs $21.99 on sale at GC, which is about right for this model. Their MT3 is priced $8.99: decent for a bottom-feed clearomizer. Pick up a Protank Mini or Evod instead. The Evod is $7.99. Replacement coils for the Protank II cost $8.95 for 5.

Build Your Own E Cig

The listed price for a BYO Kit is $35.97. At first that seems outstanding, especially when you see all of the choices listed below the featured price.

Then you look more closely and see that most of those choices come with potential additional price tags depending on which item you select. Tread carefully. If you stick with just the freebies (a USB charger, 650 regular battery, e liquid, and a Vision V2 Clearomizer), the price is still pretty good.

Add items like a Twist battery, Protank, wall adapter, and a lanyard, and this is a pretty expensive kit: $50 or $60 perhaps. Even coils cost more, but select your preferred flavor of e liquid.

GC Vapors e Liquid

The selection of liquids by GC is fairly long with the option to mix juices, change the ratio from half each PG and VG to a desired blend, and more customization options. Set nicotine to as much as 2.4%. Select a 10ml bottle for $6.99 (cheaper if it is the Splash of the Week) or 30ml for $17.99. Add sweetener, menthol, and/or extra flavor shots (one or two).

Some flavors stand alone like Caramel Cappuccino. Aside from adding sweetener or extra flavor you would not need to mix it with anything to enjoy a rich flavor. Certain bases, however, lend themselves naturally to blends with GC or other e liquids of complementary styles.

These include Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Sweet Coconut, Vanilla Custard Pie, and Cheesecake. Any one of these would blend beautifully with a fruit like blueberry or strawberry. Sweet Coconut could be successfully mixed with any of the others. Categories are Drinks, Fruit, Sweet Eats, and Tobacco.

All of the GC Vapors e liquids are made in the United States with US nicotine. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are USP grade and blended with artificial and natural flavors, but not diacetyl.

Some Thoughts about GC Vapors

I appreciate the amount of information loaded onto the GC Vapors site. They spare nothing and have created an easy-to-use website where I can see the quality of their products. The term ‘quality assured’ used to describe their nicotine, however, leaves me wondering: quality assured by whom.

Is it 99.9% pure, certified by a particular body, or just quality assured by the people who sell it to GC Vapors? That point should be clarified or scrapped. If GC Vapors had never mentioned quality assurance this would not raise any red flags, though I would still wonder where their nicotine came from.

Links are provided to RSS Syndication, their blog, and social media. You can contact them from Monday to Friday or Saturday at one of their locations. Really, nothing is lacking. GC Vapors wants their customers to contact them and makes the firm approachable.

I also appreciate that GC Vapors is focused on certain types of products: eGos really. They appear uninterested in mods, minis, or APVs. When you shop here there is a good chance of leaving with a bill of less than $100.

One thing I do not like is the “Mix and Match” section which suggests that being able to mix batteries, clearomizers, and chargers is something new. You can usually do this and after buying a starter kit it is the usual process.