Golden Drops E-Juice

There is no other e-juice packaged the way Gold Drops E-Juice is packaged. Every bottle resembles a giant hookah tube, thanks to the elongated top which looks like a mouthpiece. These are made in Asia and distributed in the United States by a few vendors, one being Zamplebox from Redmond, Washington. Bottles are all vacuum-sealed for hygiene.

Golden Drops E-Juice Review

So far, reviews are solid for this vapor company, though there aren’t too many around yet. The industry is taking its time finding them in the midst of all those California juices taking the e-cig world by storm.

Bottles of Golden Drops are not the only attractive thing about them. Their profiles provide a contrast with the usual products that are focused on candies or rich desserts in many cases. Though less sweet than American juices according to reviews, they are still tasty. Each juice is already steeped and ready to vape with good vapor production and strong throat hit.

E-Liquid Menu from Golden Drops

Their line up is short with the latest juice called Tasty Churros which blends the creamy vanilla and cinnamon flavors of that sweet treat. That makes just 7 e-liquids so far.

Tangerine Popsies is bursting with sweet tangerines. DBG features light citrus, possibly with koolada: some cooling agent, at least. That goes for So Cool Strawberry and Icy Monster. Cool Strawberry on its own is a strawberry daiquiri for your vaping pen, while an iced version gives it a refreshing kick.

There are gummies in your Icy Monster. As for Sex on the Beach, if you know the drink you know the e-liquid. A Sex on the Beach cocktail features layers of cranberry and orange juice and/or liqueur plus.

Buy Golden Drops

You can get these juices by contacting the vendor directly on Facebook or going to Zamplebox and any other U.S. retailer that has decided to pick them up. The Facebook page is only a little bit helpful, taking the place of a website for the time being.

There isn’t even a signpost web page; a place where the makers of Golden Drops describe the ingredients in their liquids. Expect to pay about $15 for 18mls or something around that amount.

Should You Buy Something so Mysterious?

Since Golden Drops comes from Asia, they already face some uncertainty from an audience that insists on vaping US-made juice (not that everyone feels this way). Another point against them is going to be their lack of internet presence.

Some US nicotine juice craftsmen and women are mysterious too though. Vapers need more details about ingredients and the company. Yet, Golden Drops has stirred up plenty of curiosity on the strength of their packaging.