Good E-Juice

This is not a good review of e cigs, but a review of Good E-Juice. The company makes some items of its own but also carries e cig brands seen elsewhere, such as Joyetech. Their juice is USA made for smokeless cigs and e hookahs.

A Wide Electronic Range

While e cigs have caught the imagination of smokers trying to quit tobacco, they are just the start. These two-piece items (battery plus mouthpiece containing cartridge and atomizer) are simple to use. Batteries are rechargeable for reusable kits. Disposable items go in the garbage when they run out of juice, power, or both. Trying to recharge or refill them is not advisable.

More advanced electronic smokers are opting for the tank system. They use more e juice at one sitting, so their tanks hold more liquid and the batteries tend to be extra-powerful or variable. Operating a tank e cig is tricky at first as there are several parts, including a separate dual coil atomizer. Once you get the hang of it, though, many people find this a suitable upgrade.

E hookahs, also popular, appear on the site in their numerous guises. The predictable juices are here: simple fruits and chocolate. Good E-Juice also carries e cigars and electronic pipes, plus a novel idea: leaves without tobacco for the tobacco chewer of old. Select licorice, ginger, etc. This width of selection is an attractive feature.


Whatever you want or need, Good E-Juice probably has it, at least within the limited range of Joyetech, Sigelei, Smoktech, and a few others. The catalogue carries batteries, overflow caps (plastic or silicone, type A or B, black, pink, blue, red, or clear), and drip tips (aluminum or plastic, black, pink, blue, purple, red, or silver).

Choose a starter kit or build your own to include a passthrough USB car charger with 2 Amps, variable voltage LED battery, wall charger, and more.