Grand Vapors

Grand Vapors refers to their e-liquid as the one with the devil on the website, but it’s not the only one. “Totally Wicked” springs to mind and I am certain there are other similarly decorated bottles or web pages. It’s not original and belies the fact that vaping is meant to undermine the evil of cigarettes, not perpetrate further evil in its place. All Grand Vapors e-liquids are made in the United States.

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This Las Vegas Company produces a few lines of juice and also sells Hookah Stones. Designed in Germany, they help the hookah smoker to produce smoke-free vapor. You might know them as Shiazo Steam Stones.

Devil Juice

Here is the first e-liquid line from Grand Vapors: Devil Juice. Grand Vapors makes 49 flavors for this series. Styles include Pezz, Cheesecake, Raspberry Mintos (and other Mintos variations), and Competition.

The last of these comes in English Toffee, Honeydew, or Dark Chocolate and creates thick enough clouds of vapor to win a contest, hence the name. The makers of Devil Juice created Competition as their bid to create the best vapor clouds and win a Cloud Competition.

Every juice can be purchased for $7.50 in a 15ml bottle with a Flow ratio of propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin (30/70, so it isn’t too thick to flow through your atomizer) or Maxx VG. They like their clouds at Grand Vapors. Choose as much as 2.4% nicotine.

Rock Star Juice

This is not 26 flavors of energy-drink vape you will be glad to know but several blends named for bands or songs. Don’t expect there to be any current ones and don’t be surprised if some bands and tunes are classics from before your time.

Jane’s Addiction combines pomegranate with acai and a secret ingredients. Wild berries become Wild Thing. Was Freddy Mercury’s favorite dessert lemon meringue pie? Maybe it was Brian May’s dessert of choice. That’s the combination that becomes Queen. Choose a 30ml bottle and pay $13.50.

A Quick Route to Your Favorite

You can either scan all the flavors under all the headings to find a flavor that piques your interest or go straight to a likely looking flavor category. This approach will take you to all juices that apply from all series. Try fruit, candy, desserts, drinks, tobacco, spice, floral, mint/menthol, or seasonal e-liquids.

Another way to choose a favorite is to visit a column of best-sellers on the right. At the top right now is Last Stand: Banana Custard.

Froot Loops tastes and smells like Fruit Loops Cereal, popular with breakfast-cereal vapers. A glass bottle of juice is capped with a dropper top for easy dripping.

How to Earn Free Shipping

If you don’t like the prices charged by a certain e-liquid company, or think one is cheaper than another, remember to add in the price of shipping. Sometimes this changes the order of things, so now your cheapest juice is among the most expensive. Grand Vapors charges shipping costs like almost everyone else, but if you order enough stuff to reach $50 and are ordering from within the United States, shipping is free.