Green Smoke

Green Smoke does so many things right on a whole different level with its electronic cigarettes. For starters, you will be amazed to know that the cartomizers produced by the company are easily one of the longest lasting cartomizers out there.


We were amazed at how much juice these things have. The more the cartomizer lasts also means that the less you have to spend more money on refills. Which is great right?

So let’s begin with the basics, Green Smoke is one of those brands that have made a good name for themselves and have had a good commercial success. Why? It’s simple, produce a nice looking electronic cigarette that outperforms couple of top players in the market and you get success. Green Smoke is easily one of our favorite brands because of the fact that it does many things right.

Green Smoke Express Starter Kit

Let’s start off with its signature batteries. The Green Smoke signature batteries easily last about 250 puffs before demanding a full recharge. Now this is quite a lot if you compare it to other guys out there selling e-cigarettes.

We have tested a lot of cigarettes here in the labs and these batteries are by far the longest running ones that we have come across with a non modular electronic cigarette model. Also keep in mind that the batteries are powerful enough to give you dense vapor.

Speaking of vapor, Green Smoke definitely has the right vibe going on with its electronic cigarette vapor producing technology. As mentioned earlier, the cartomizers tend to last so long that it is almost impossible to get bored of the brand.

Green Smoke Flavor Cartridges Variety Pack

Green Smoke Cartridges

This does not mean the vapor is any lesser or lower in quality. The vapor is as dense as it gets even with the fact in mind. The taste is also pretty nice and never did once did we come across any burnt out flavor.

Our only little concern with the brand was the blend of flavors available. We love experimenting with different flavors but when it came to Green Smoke’s line of flavors, we weren’t quite impressed. Some of the flavors on the shelf are just gimmicky in nature. We highly advise to stick to the classic tobacco flavors offered by the manufacturer if you really want to be amazed by this cigarette.

Green Smoke Disposables

They also offer disposable e-cigs. These are automatic, meaning you inhale, and they produce vape. These are great for convenience as there is nothing to replace, just vape and throw it away.

Green Smoke Disposable Tobacco Flavor


They have a nice line of accessories. They have a nice carrying case, and you can get batteries with different designs on them.

Green Smoke Leather E-Cig Case

Green Smoke Leather E-Cig Case

Green Smoke Carrying Case

Designer Battery

Green Smoke Designer Battery

Green Smoke is definitely a go. If we were to recommend anything, we would say get its Pro or the Ultimate starter kit that comes with everything you need and more. You get three batteries which you will be happy you did!

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