Halo Cigs

Probably one of the most unique and feisty e-cigs brands, Halo Cigs offers several different products categorized under two categories: the G6 and the Triton Tank System. Along with the different starter kits, the company offers the most refined electronic liquid or smoke juice, made out of lab tested ingredients.

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G6 Electronic Cigarettes

As mentioned earlier, there are two different categories of e-cigs at Halo Cigs. If we are talking about G6 e-cigs, there are many different starter kits available in different colors and are suitable for different types of users. However, all of the starter kits are priced the same – $44.99.

Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit

All these kits are suitable for different types of users. Moreover, while there is uniformity in pricing of all kits, all of them differ in terms of their appearance. Additionally, all the kits come with 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers pack, 1 USB adapter, 1 wall charger and 1 halo case.

Triton Starter Kits

Triton Starter Kits are more powerful than the G6 starter kits and are suitable for advanced smokers. The starter kits included under the Triton tank systems also include a cool list named by their specific colors such as Midnight Blue and Jet Black.

All the kits are priced at $64.99 but differ in terms of appearance and design. Additionally, all Triton starter kits come with two batteries, 2 crystal clear tanks, one 35mm cone, 1 USB adapter, 1 wall charger and 1 halo case.

Halo Cigs Triton Kit

Halo Cigs E-Liquid

Halo Cigs offers premium e-liquid in massive variety (lots of flavors as well as e-liquid accessories). As far as the flavors are concerned, there are not a lot of brands that offers as much variety as Halo Cigs does.

From lots of different Tobacco flavors to different Menthol flavors and gourmet flavors, there is pretty much of everything available at Halo Cigs. They make some great e-cig flavors.

Some of the flavors available under the “Tobacco Flavors” category include Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, Long Horn, Midnight Apple to name a few. All Tobacco flavors are available for $5.99. You can get a tobacco sampler for $24.99 to try out 6 flavors. We like all of them!

Halo Cigs E Liquid

On the other hand, there are many different sub-flavors under the big Menthol flavors and Gourmet flavors categories, and once again, many of these we have tried are excellent.

Shipment And Payment

Halo Cigs offers free shipment over orders above $75. In order to get Halo Cigs, you will have to visit their website and register a free account before placing your order.


Halo Cigs is a great choice for starters and experts alike, and they made our top list of brands. The company offers different items suitable for totally different types of users. Moreover, the uniformity in price of its starter kits and flavors is also something that should benefit any e-cig users as it will help in reducing overall cost. Halo Cigs believes in quality and delivering an e-cig smoking experience that is unmatched by other brands.

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