Heady Vapes

Heady Vapes e-liquid is really just one style of juice: custard. Like Grant’s Vanilla Custard, the makers of Heady Vapes concentrate on a single liquid and aim to make it the very best of its kind. It looks like they might have succeeded too, at least in some people’s views. You’ll never please everyone all the time, but this vapor juice scores well all over the place.

Purchase Point

A 30ml bottle sells for $20; 60mls for $35; and $70 buys 120mls. Pricing is fine here, though I can imagine a few people clamoring for 10ml or 15ml bottles.


The propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio is 70/30 but Heady Vapes does not tell you which of the liquids is dominant. I imagine the vegetable glycerin takes precedence to create a thick liquid in keeping with the custard theme.

You can order the juice on Facebook for now, but ask local vape shops about carrying it and maybe they will bring in your favorite custard vape. Open a discussion with the maker of Heady Vapes and he can tell you whether this vape is USP-grade, kosher, and anything else you want to know.

A Favorite

I call Heady Vapes a favorite because already it appears to have overtaken Grant’s Vanilla Custard as the best juice of its kind. In a Heady Vapes review, you usually read about the many positives. When a craftsman concentrates on one thing, he can spend time perfecting it.

More Positives about Heady Vapes

The guy behind this e-liquid is described as being easy to deal with, even fun. He insists on making e-liquid that does not contain anything harmful to his customers: no diacetyl, for instance.

Orders are shipped with a tracking number so you can chart the overland progress of your purchase.

On the Down Side

Unfortunately, success can be a double-edged sword. Heady Vapes Custard e-liquid is so popular that it sells out very quickly, and that can cause some frustration. Customers are only going to hold out so long before they switch to some other version of custard. In the meantime, they might find a dud or two, and then discover a brand at least as good as their former favorite.