High Desert Vapes

High Desert Vapes is an electronic cigarettes brand that sells e-cig kits, parts, accessories, mod parts, drip tips, e-liquid and other e-cig related products at extremely affordable prices. Users can buy the company’s products directly from its site as it is 100 percent secure to use.

When you search for “High Desert Vapes Review” the #1 search result you come across is a RipOffReport story detailing what’s called a “horrific” experience.  In defense of High Desert Vapes, the owner, John Ruiz, went well out of his way to tell his side of the story (personally) and even talk about how he broke his own policies to offer a 75% refund.  While no brand ever wants to appear on RipoffReport and related websites, the owner going out there to talk about the situation shows a lot of character and he had a compelling argument. 

VaporZone Rebel KitWith that caveat, we still weren’t afraid to dive into this brand’s pro’s and con’s.

I will say that when looking in the e-juices and “mods” space, there is one brand we recommend over all others, and that’s Vapor Zone.

Having personally tested and tried all of the products offered there, as well as having dealt with their impeccable service, that’s the brand we recommend for e-liquids and mod-style batteries.

Visit: http://vaporzone.com or read our VaporZone review.

High Desert Vapes E-Cig Kits

The e-cig kits available at High Desert Vapes are very affordable and thus make a great choice for those who are on a restricted budget. There is plenty of variety in starter kits too. Aside from basic starter kits, High Desert Vapes offers Mechanical Mods that are specific to the brand – the Mechanical Mods operate on high capacity batteries and will tend to give you a much longer battery life. They are also made out of very sturdy construction materials and are thereby very long lasting.

Smoke Volume

The vapor volume of High Desert Vapes e-cigs is thick being modded e-cigs, and users will not feel like they have switched from regular smoking to electronic smoking once they get started on smoking Vapes. The vape volume will guarantee maximum user satisfaction too.

With regards to electronic liquid, users can buy it separately (in 10 ml bottles) and pick the flavors of their choice. The most popular flavors include Applewood Tobacco E-liquid, Caramelnut Mocha, American USA tobacco e-liquid, Coumarin Pipe and Chocolate Tobacco.

Battery Life

The battery life of High Desert Vapes e-cigs is dependent on the type of electronic cig you get and the battery it is powered with. The e-cig starter kits that come with 650 mAH batteries will last for about 3 to 4 hours while electronic cigarettes with more powerful batteries such as the 1100 mAH ones will give users 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted e-cig smoking.

Overall, High Desert Vapes is an e-cigarette brand for beginners and mid-level users as it is very budget friendly, provides value for money and sells all the items you need to have a perfect vaping experience.