Highbrow Vapor

From the fancy Home Page font to the black-and-white picture of a man in a tall hat, everything about Highbrow Vapor is high end. Enjoy browsing the website for its own sake where you might feel you have been transported to a boutique winery, not a vapor juice company. This review explains why.

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First of All, Style

Font experts will know what the style of Home Page type is called, but laymen can see it is not Times New Roman. When attention is paid to even these small details, you should wonder if the same is true of every detail. Font is not as important as taste and quality, but right away the impression is clear: flavors should offer classy quality. Meanwhile, the makers will give old-fashioned attention to customer service and satisfaction.

What’s Old is New

Maybe a man with a top hat next to an advertising scroll is old-style, but e liquid is relatively new. Not only that, but Highbrow Vapor puts a new and tasteful spin on varieties, providing items one would associate with after dinner drinks or dessert in a fine restaurant.


For instance, you could finish your meal with Amaretto Amore or Buttered Rum And-Then-Some. Dessert lovers will be more inclined towards Crème Brulee if they do not lean towards a sweet coffee instead. Many diners prefer an after-dinner cigar, maybe one with a Highbrowbacco tobacco like Tabac de Perique or French Pipe. The only downside is the name “Highbrowbacco” which is a mouthful.

Like a Winery, but a Vapory

Many small, family-run wineries personalize their webpage with descriptions and pictures of family and the history of their company. You will feel an instant rapport with the Peck family of Highbrowbacco, pictured at the bottom of their “About Us” page, where Bryan Peck invites customer contact and comments. How can you feel anything but valued with a welcome like that?