Hoosier E-Cig

Hoosier E-Cig promises the best prices on quality brands of e cigs and parts. That means you can select some Hoosier items, but also items made by Dekang, NicQuid, Smoktech, and more. Review their selection to find out if you could find everything you want in a smoke shop in one online location.

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Not only do they make incredible, USA-made e-juice, but they also make the most advanced personal vaporizers, mods, and tanks.

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One Unusual Feature

Hoosier carries something called “Trippy Tips,” a selection of drip tips for people who feed liquid directly to their atomizer. These elegant items feature swirling patterns, each one unique. The name comes from their beautiful designs, which look to have been conceived by someone on a “trip” (not a car journey either). Along with drip tips come drip shields and atomizers to use with them.

The Usual Items for Sale at Hoosier

Every store for clients who vaporize electronically carries cartridges, cartomizers, e cigs, and batteries. Hoosier E-Cig also offers a few kits, but a lot of people build their own from compatible parts. All of these are on the site. If you know an electronic smoker, but not what he wants, give him a gift certificate and the website.

E-Liquid Options

If you thought you had heard everything when it came to liquid nicotine, think again. Dekang makes ketchup, tea seed, filbert, and kopiko. More mainstream offerings come from Hoosier and NicQuid (a U.S.-made brand of juice). There are tobaccos, fruits, desserts, and menthol in their line. The desserts include butterscotch and Sinnabun.

Hoosier makes its own juices, what they call “House Blends.” Select candy or cocktails if none of the mainstream sorts catch your eye. While having choices is always good, one might feel as though the assortment here is a little too much.

Brands in Stock

Look to Hoosier to provide you with items from KGO, Smoktech, and Vision. There is a limited range of names, but this could change. Return to the page regularly for more items and new specials.