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At the House of Liquid, consumers leave the common cigarette behind and even it’s new and improved version, the e-cig. House of Liquid focuses on e-cigars and appropriate liquids. In spite of their Nottingham origins, House of Liquid puts on South American airs and comes across as an exciting alternative to the real cigar.

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The e-cigar at House of Liquid is known as a Havana, so connecting the flavor and shape to its analog roots is no challenge. An 18mg Havana costs €17.95. This is their only hardware; other House of Liquid products are series of e-liquids.

El Toro Classico

These products are based on international tobaccos and cost €29.95 for 60ml. Guevara e-liquid is dark, bold Havana Prime Leaf with a Nicaraguan flavor respectfully close to the real thing.

Cigarillos Naturales mimic Cuban tobacco, not American analogs. Their nuttiness leads to a substantial throat hit.

Aged in Oak: the Cellar Line

For the same price per volume, order a “Reserve” Cigar liquid steeped in a barrel, like whiskey. Oak infuses into the flavor of each one as well as the previous contents of that barrel (except Minotaur, which is steeped in a new oak barrel). Chivalry tastes of Scotch Whiskey. Reserve Cigar liquid is reminiscent of Metaxa Brandy after 30 days in the barrel.

eBaron Lab Liquids: Concept Creations

€17.95 buys a 30ml bottle of juice similar to sweet American e-liquids. Flavors like Frozen Apple and Cinnamon Cookies are as distant from the cigar theme as cigarettes are from fruit salad. Cigare de Paris takes you back, but this tobacco is cleaner than analogs. Silverberry tastes like berries and apples with a sour cadence.

Papillon: Certified Organic

Papillon liquids are reminiscent of coffee, green apple, menthol, or caramel and cream. This selection costs 2 euros more than the eBaron series, presumably because they are organic and made from pharmacy-grade ingredients.


It’s not so much the quality of liquids that comes across as unique about House of Liquid as it is the setup, like entering an exclusive club. The In-Private Club is a members-only section where consumers receive a 5% permanent discount and sample e-liquids for testing before their release. Anyone who ever wished to become part of an exclusive whiskey-drinking, leather-chaired association but did not qualify could find the opportunity hard to pass up.

Taking Care

This Nottingham e-liquid manufacturer has taken care to create a sound environment for mixing nicotine juice. Tables are constructed from stainless steel and a chemist supervises the mixing process. Thousands of bottles can be processed daily if necessary.



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