The name IBTanked is reminiscent of fake gravestones home owners put on their front lawns at Halloween sporting names like “Frank N. Stein.” The name is tongue-in-cheek, but also deceptive. You are not getting tanked in the alcoholic sense: that is, smashed out of your mind on booze or drugs. Read an IBTanked review to find out what they are really up to at this humorously named company.


Okay, so IBTipsy drip tips reinforce this idea of drunken debauchery, but there is nothing mindless about their design. These are designer drip tips for vapers shaped like a rook, pawn, or bishop. Choose them to match the caps on your tanks, but they cost more: $9.00 is more than the usual price for a single drip tip.

Build-Your-Own Tank

A welcome feature is that you can design your own tank at IBTanked. Just be careful to realize you have to pay for each additional part. The initial price refers to the starter item: your tank. After that, add $5 if you want color on your tank.

Stainless steel caps, cartomizers, and other elements continue to ramp the price up slowly. Tanks come in 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, or 25mm sizes. Order the 1.7ohm XL cartomizer, 2.0 ohm with a single coil, or a 3.2 ohm cartomizer for your tube length. The final cost will probably be a little over $30.00.


Your choice of tubes includes a halfling (like a Hobbit), standard, and extra-large size. That is regardless of their length in millimeters. They are designed to fit the size of a cartomizer. A 15mm XL tube costs $4 until you add a color or pattern like turquoise or a swirl. This more than doubles the price, surprisingly.

For people with creative flare who hate their accessories to be simply functional, color is critical. All-in-all, $9 is not bad for a tube unless you buy just one. With the shipping it can seem like a lot. IBTanked also makes custom-cut tubes.


IBTanked focuses on tanks, not batteries, chargers, or atomizers. They do carry a few kits and batteries. A Bolt kit includes elements of Smoktech, Trustfire 3000mAh batteries, and an eGo case.

But Tanks are their passion, including some alternative designs like the Vivi made of borosilicate glass. Check that your atomizer will fit before ordering one.