Imperial Smoke

Imperial Smoke offers another brand of electronic cigarette to the already massive vaping market. In this Imperial Smoke review, you can read for yourself if they manage to do anything different from the other companies.

imperialcigs.comStarter Kits from Imperial Smoke

Several starter kits were out of stock, so I started with the first one that was available: the Type W kit for $39.99. It comes with two 650mAh batteries, two CE-6 Clearomizers, a wall/USB charger, and an empty bottle.

Type NS, a VV Max Mod, costs $49.99. This kit is packaged with two 2D batteries, a switch, one 3.6ml clearomizer, a wall charger, and an empty bottle.

At just ten dollars, it would appear to be great value for those consumers who like to adjust voltage. Looks are nothing special, but that is of nominal importance in the wake of fair pricing.

Multiple Accessories

Along with kits, Imperial sells extra batteries like the regular mini cig variety for $8.99. A 650mAh battery, however, is cheaper. Go figure. Lanyards cost $2.99 (no gimmicks or bling here.) Buy JTank and Pro-Tank wicks for looking after your tank.

Disposable Devices

There were three types of disposable electronic devices listed: Twisters, e-hookahs, and e-cigs. Twisters, $12.99 each, contain 12mg/ml nicotine and flavors such as Minty Grape, Crazy Apple, Jungle Juice, and Passion Fruit. E-Hookahs were $7.99 each and fruity as well. A disposable electronic cigarette for $5.99 featured Red or Gold tobacco, 14mg or 10mg of nicotine, while the menthol option was $8.99.


You could buy cartomizers in packs of 5 for $4.99 or blanks for the same price. Many of these tags were sale prices so I cannot say if they will be priced higher next week, but for now they are bargains to be snapped up and horded. The lowest-priced packs sold elsewhere are $7.99.

A 7ml bottle of liquid costs $3.99, which is not the lowest but decent. Flavors include white peach, other fruits and fruit blends, tobacco, and tobacco blends.


Like a lot of companies, this one allows consumers to sort by heading or price. There is a community poll to take part in. A number of starter kits are made available plus some optional extras.

Where Imperial Smoke stands apart is in terms of pricing. I do not know how they make a mod starter kits so inexpensive, but taking price alone, there are few better deals around.