Indy Vapor Shop

Indy Vapor Shop gets its name from its location: Indianapolis, Indiana. Their walk-in shop is not far from the Speedway. Nothing about the site is especially original and you can be thankful for small mercies.

When e-smokers go in search of the goods they need, especially new e-smokers, the last thing they want is weird and wonderful. They want selection and competition to help maintain a low price threshold and promote quality assurance.

V2 Cigs Standard Starter KitShoppers will find the standard goods at reasonable prices on the Indy Vapor Shop website.

If Your Not From Indiana.….shop online and get the best brand known to man – V2 Cigs.

Indy Review

Indy Vapor Shop sells e cigarettes and vapor. The company carries mechanical, box, and variable volt mods. Purchase rebuildable atomizers from Cyclone and ERA/Hornet. When you buy goods from Indy, you have the assurance of purchasing from a company owned and operated by a former smoker who switched over completely and has experienced the good and the bad of electronic smoking. If the person running this firm does not like a brand, he is not going to sell it to make money.

A Selection of Vapors

One fun aspect of Indy Vapor shopping is that you could be the random recipient of vapor for taste testing. It could be fun to try something new and have the chance to influence whether it is added to the website or not.

Otherwise, customers know what they are getting. Vermillion River, Halo, and HS Prime are well-known brands with solid reputations. Order 30mls of Kentucky Vanilla, Kentucky Banana, or Amaretto e-juice made by Vermillion River. Your cost is $17.95, about $6 per 10mls, a competitive price for high quality products.

Information for New Converts

Because the owner found so little information on the web when he first started vaping, he has made a point of including some guidelines on the site for new e-smokers. Indy Vapor Shop carries starter kits for newbies and accessories for advanced users who are ready to replace parts.