As an e cig company, inLife carries a limited number of products. As a company overall, their purpose is to sell products for a happier, healthier life. More than that: inLife was formed to give individuals a way to make money via direct selling. They describe themselves in such a way that they could be an affiliate marketing business rather than a business attracting affiliate marketers.

myinlife.comAn inLife Review

E cigs are some of their products. They also carry health supplements. More items are listed on their website as well as an invitation to increase one’s personal wealth by becoming affiliated with this firm based in Irvine, California. Their goals are to be environmentally accountable and to provide income opportunities to interested parties. InLife was started by several entrepreneurs in 2007.

E Cigs at inLife

Known as NicMaxx, e cig starter kits are presented as blister packs for $19.95, a high price without the attraction of a special flip-top box or the comfort of product information. Their blister kit is uninspiring.

One is not informed of their battery ratings, for instance, or the ingredients in their e-liquid (probably Chinese e-juice). For $19.95, customers receive a single battery, USB charger, and two refills. Flavors are cherry, menthol, and tobacco, at high, standard, low, or zero nicotine. The highest level contains 3.5% nicotine. $40 would secure two batteries, just 4 refill cartridges, and 2 chargers: no adapter.

Refill Cartridges

After that one type of starter kit, your next product choice is cartridges: NicMaxx or inLife. InLife cartridges cost $29.95. For this price, you receive 5 high-strength refill cartridges or 8 of them at the other levels in menthol, tobacco, or cherry. Cherry, by the way, is referred to as “She-Vapes” and colored pink. The starter kit is also pink. For $95.97 one can buy 32 cartridges at a time (roughly $24 per pack).

NicMaxx sells the same set-up in all nicotine strengths, but their blister packs contain 5 cartridges for $14.99. There is no information about these high-priced products such as their equivalent number of cigarettes.


Were you looking to replace the battery in your paltry starter kit? That will cost $24.99: more than the starter kit. One would be better off buying the blister pack again he thought this was worth his while. Without details of the battery’s length, diameter, or power rating (180 mAh, etc.), there seems no good reason to invest here.

More Products

InLife also carries two supplements customers might be interested in. They are listed on the same page as the e cigs, although the only aspect they share in common is that all of these products are meant to improve your health in some way. There is inForce, an immune-boosting supplement, and inHance for better male performance. Prices vary by the number of bottles one purchases.

Is inLife Trustworthy?

Should one trust a company that promotes itself as a place to seek money-making opportunities? Their premise has nothing to do with vaping per se. The expertise of the business owners is unrelated to their products. InLife seems to be capitalizing on the popularity of health supplements and e cigs. Consumers will find better prices and more transparency elsewhere.


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