Looking for an Innokin review on the internet is easy: it is a popular product carried by lots of e cig retailers. The iTaste is a light, compact, vaping model; popular and inexpensive. An iTaste SVD is more an expensive vaping machine but also a better quality device.

The Innokin iTaste

Customers who use the Innokin iTaste seem to agree that the quality is not the greatest. They feel like the battery could fall out, while one person found the battery stuck in when she used it. Overall the feel is light, and maybe even a bit cheap.

What these customers love is how compact it is. The iTaste is easy to use too. Verdicts on battery power differ. While several individuals commented on poor battery life, others were fine with it. The suggestion is that performance is potentially erratic.

The Innokin iTaste SVD

Innokin has improved on its previous products by making the SVD compatible with 510 and eGo threaded atomizers. This has not always been the case with their more powerful, costlier items. Make no mistake: an SVD is priced about twice what an iTaste is depending on which retailers sells it to you.

This is a variable volt/wattage tool providing between 3.3 and 6 volts or 3 to 15 watts. It has an 800mAh battery: better than a starter eGo, but not incredibly powerful either. Who will use an item like this? Your typical eGo customer is bound to like it, especially now that the design fits the atomizers they already use.

It is also made from sturdy stainless steel and, as a bonus, does not roll when you put it down. Rolling vaping equipment has a tendency to fall a couple of feet from a desk or table and break.

Where to Buy Innokin

You can buy Innokin products from many retailers: it is a popular brand. When a mod is popular, this can be because it sells well, but also because vendors respect the name. Perhaps get their advice online or by phone. A lot of sellers are known for candid commentary.

One of our favorite places to buy Innokin and related products is MadVapes

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