Jackson Vapor

It’s not really fair to refer to Jackson as an old vape: nothing in this industry is old. Nor might you want to think of the new name as really “new” since Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice was re-named over a year ago. Yet the title is still catching on with consumers who used to buy the old label. “Jackson Vapor” is easier to say and shorter to write, that’s for sure.

Wholesale Vape

This is a wholesale company only. There is no website for Jackson Vapor open to customers looking for a small bottle or two. Only wholesale orders are encouraged. If you want to get in touch, the best way to do that is on Facebook.

About the Juice: a Jackson Vapor Review

Here are a few facts about Jackson Vapor. Firstly, there are only 6 flavors. Like a lot of small juice labels, they pay more attention to the quality of individual mixtures than they do to satisfying a huge demand or covering all possible vaping preferences. Ingredients are locally sourced.

Bottles are made of glass and labels feature the calming colors of a sunset. Consumers will find this vape juice line at Giant Vapes, Local Vape, eLiquid.com, Vapor DNA, and lots of other stores both on the internet and in brick-and-mortar locations.

Each e liquid is sold in 15ml or 30ml bottles for varying prices and contains 0, 6, 12, or 18mg of nicotine per volume. Those prices will knock your socks off: $25 for 30mls and $15 for 15mls: about $1 per ml. That is a lot, even for a top-shelf juice.

The Flavors at Jackson Vapor

Jackson Vapor’s newest offering is Agua Dulce, a papaya and lychee vape. Reviews show high vapor production and mild throat hit. The papaya is authentic and the lychee present, but not competitive.

Amelia is a species of strawberry, represented here as a vape juice. It is not a candy vape but a really juicy, fruity one.

As expected, Forbidden Fruit contains the taste of apples but with a note of Kaffir Lime. These fruits meld surprisingly well.

Try a Melon Medley if you want refreshment on a big scale; nothing too sweet. There are notes of cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon for sweetness, body, and freshness.

Peaches and Cream was one of the most popular e liquids by Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice and fans wondered if it would come back with the new label. It did and it’s the same amazing product, strong on peach, light on cream.

Finally, for tangerine lovers, Tanjello is the perfect nicotine juice.

The Company

It’s always hard to rate a company that stays under the radar and allows other companies to promote its goods. The Facebook page for Jackson Vapor, however, gives a lot away. Here you will discover what is next from the brand, learn about events pertinent to California vapers, and also discover that Jackson Vapor gets involved with charities.

Implied in the site with its many postings and photographs is an active involvement in vaping society and with Jackson Vapor customers particularly. People like this company enough to stay connected and Jackson Vapor likes them right back.