Jet Cigs

There is very little going against Jet Cigs, and this Jet Cigs review aims to highlight why. No product is flawless. Even if it scores high for mechanical quality and in every other way, there is always someone who dislikes a product’s flavor or throat hit. Still, Jet Cigs seems to be on a roll.

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Have you heard of Jet Cigs? The answer is “probably not” unless you have been using e-cigs for a while or have done extensive research on products you might want to buy. Still, the company is building a reputation and working its way up the ratings ladder. Why is this? There is a combination of reasons, the strongest being American-made e-juice.

American Juice

Lots of companies can sell their e-juice and cartridges for a bargain price, but it comes from overseas. Quality control is harder and there is also the issue of buying from Asia when you could purchase domestic products.

Jet Cigs e-juice is made in America so it costs a little more, but not much. Their Express Kit, priced at around $30.00, is similar to kits marketed elsewhere, but you probably paid less for Chinese e-juice in other kits.

There are lots of vapor and flavors from Jet Cigs. They make clove, two types of tobacco, two mints, several fruity options, vanilla, tiramisu, and chocolate. Buy them pre-filled or order refill bottles if you use a tank system.



Two Worrying Points

A reviewer wrote that he read something he did not expect to see when his package came: cartridges could be overfilled. He was concerned, and so he should be. He was told to simply wipe off any excess. This suggests leakage control is something Jet Cigs has to work on.

Also, in spite of the USA-made label, some consumers are going to be disappointed to see propylene glycol in the nicotine mix. If you dislike propylene glycol, Jet Cigs may not be for you.

Starter Kit

A Jet Cigs Express Starter Kit comes with one Perique Tobacco cartridge and a Mojito Mint cartridge. The battery is satin black and a USB charger is included.

One review indicated that cartridges fit with Blu batteries even though they look wrong. The width is different, but they work together anyway.

Disposables are the alternative “starter kit” for many new vapers, and Jet Cigs carries two products: Classic and Menthol Frost. They cost $9.99 each, a neutral price really. Be grateful you can buy one at a time. Not every company sells disposables individually.