Joye 510

Why should electronic cigarette consumers consider the Joye 510 ahead of any other 510 e cig? Just about every Joye 510 e cig review gives the impression that this model is the yardstick against which many other brands are designed and tested. It is also one of the models carried almost universally by e cig retailers and wholesalers.

Joye 510-T Starter KitPopularity

Why is the Joye 510 e cig so popular? First of all, there is more than one 510 model from Joyetech. Any one of the models which uses a 510 threaded atomizer comes under this heading, so impressions are based on individual models. Your eGo uses a 510.

While you might be happy with atomizers from other manufacturers, the hardware is what makes the biggest difference to your experience. You can use a Joye 510 e cigarette with other 510 atomizers and tanks or the company’s own make.

Explaining 510

The number 510 refers to the threading of the atomizer; the gauge of screw. Some units use 510s, while others use a higher-number thread. The 510-T from Joye is slim like an e-cig pen, but with the higher-quality make without buying an adaptor.

Typically, when you talk about a 510 system, it is also a higher-power device than the usual e-cig, providing 650mAh of power or more. It is an intermediate device designed to ease vapers towards advanced, variable voltage models. 650mAh equates to several hours of vaping from a single battery charge.


What do reviewers say about Joye 510 e cigs? They are impressed with the solidity of their design. Whereas some cheap copies look weak and temporary, these have an impressive permanence and futuristic finish to them.

Also, Joyetech is a reliable brand. Most consumers get what they want and expect or more out of a Joye 510, including the ease of finding parts. Most online vapor stores, online e cig parts stores, and physical e cig shops carry at least atomizers, atomizer heads, and compatible tanks for 510 systems, usually made by Joyetech.