Joyetech eCab

Joyetech conscientiously designs electronic cigarettes for a gradual ascent from cigalikes to APVs, with small gradations between systems you will not see elsewhere. A Joyetech eCab review shows just how small those gradations are.

Joyetech E Cig Similarities

Notice how much alike several Joyetech products are. Their eRoll is designed using their eGo technology, and so is the eCab, yet none of these devices is exactly the same. While an eRoll gives you 90mAh batteries, and an eGo jumps to 650mAh, the eCab sits in the middle at 360mAh.

An eCab also takes the same cone shape as an eGo, so you can swap yours over when you upgrade to an eGo.

Base Unit

The power control unit is what really stands apart in each variation on the eGo theme. You cannot turn the battery upside down in an eCab and still make it work. To prevent a mishap, your eCab will not operate until you turn the battery the right way around. There is a 10-second cut-off in case you hold the button down too long. You also get low-voltage protection.

Who Will Buy an eCab?

The eRoll is for new vapers, and an eGo is for intermediate vapers. What if you need to skip stage one and get more vapor and throat hit from an e cig or risk returning to analogs? In this case, spend your money on an eCab.

You will have to learn how to assemble and fill your equipment, but that is no hassle when you think of how much less time you will spend recharging the battery and refilling liquid. The tank has 2ml capacity. Besides, there are plenty of Youtube videos showing how to do it.

The only other alternative for a heavy smoker would be a cigalike with an extra-long battery, but without eGo technology it still might not do the trick. An eCab kit should cost around $60 to $65.