I’m sorry Kamry: you aren’t going to like this. My Kamry review shows you do not score highly with discerning electronic cigarette consumers. At best, sometimes your products are just “good,” or “okay.” At worst, customers refer to your products as cheap garbage. They are not criticizing customer service or stock levels: you seem to do well in both departments. Their complaints focus on the products.

Lots of Stock

Kamry makes models like the K100, K500, K200 and 201, and the K300: a new RBA with changeable silica wicks. It locks and has vent holes at the bottom. The K300 is a mechanical mod in the Genesis style with a convenient but unoriginal rotating mouthpiece. A K300 is available in loads of gorgeous colors and sold in plenty of places, especially online.

Impressions of the K200

The K200 by Kamry is getting lots of air time right now, including a pleasant review from some professional writers who are also independent vapers. They don’t ask to have products sent gratis to them but instead buy items so they can share unbiased impressions with the public. They gave this item a little over three out of 5 stars. The VV atomizer for this K200 is made of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. With 510 threading compatibility is no issue. Pay around $50 for the whole unit if you hunt around.

What’s Wrong with It?

Customers say the K200 uses batteries way too quickly. It is supposed to be an all-day vaping machine, but it only lasts about half that long. There are lots of colors, but it looks and feels cheap to many people.

That is not the same view stated in that cheerful review mentioned above. The writer thought it felt pretty heavy for a cheap mod, even without batteries. It uses an 18650 battery by the way. Five buttons on the device are for user-friendly voltage and wattage adjustment. The LCD display is clear and shows these values.

There is a problem, though: settings were inaccurate. They did not change as they were supposed to. In some ways the high points of this device are all skin deep: it looks great, but it’s really nothing special underneath a shiny exterior.