Kangertech turns up on many websites where retailers sell multiple brands. It is a top-notch product listed alongside brands like JoyeTech. This Kangertech review will show why customers have good things to say about the brand.

Clients in the market for one of Kangertech’s product will probably need to look at a physical store or visit an online distributor. They are also for sale wholesale directly from China for would-be distributors.

Starter Kit

A Kangertech Evod Starter Kit is high priced, and this is where Kangertech loses points, but the battery makes up somewhat for the cost. A 650mAh battery will last you a lot longer than a tiny e-cig battery, enough to use up almost all of the e-liquid in your tank in one sitting.

For $89.95, you get 10 ml of liquid, a USB, wall charger, 5 coils, and two cartridges. Advanced hardware, which this is, typically costs more than two-part e-cigs so the price tag should not be that much of a surprise.

Solid Design

Protank is a favorite with Kangertech customers because of its solid make and major power. Users find it more powerful than they expected, including experienced vapers. You can take this thing apart entirely to clean or modify it. The Protank 2 holds 2.5ml of liquid.

Kangertech is known for high quality goods. If the packaging is not as fabulous as you expect, take heart: they are spending more of their money on hardware than packaging.

Clearomizer Rebuild

The T3S clearomizer, priced between $6 and $9, can be rebuilt and fits with an eGo battery. Made to fit the Kangertech Evod and Protank, it holds 2.4ml of liquid. You need to buy an adaptor if you are using a 510 instead of an eGo thread battery.

What you might like about this accessory is that it allows you to play around with the look of your product, modify it, and also replace a piece when other parts work fine. The Clearomizer comes with a coil head and base but the tip cannot be removed. Colors include clear, purple, and green. I think the colors are what I like best, even though they have nothing to do with performance.