Liberty Flights

Liberty Flights is a U.S. electronic cig shop selling goodies such as cigarettes, liquids, and batteries made by several brands. They include Kanger, JoyeTech, DSE, and Riva. Liberty Flights also carries XO e liquid. Purchase a smoking starter kit or individual parts to create your own kit from pieces you especially like, even if they come from multiple manufacturers. Just make sure they are compatible.

Consumer Advisory:   We always suggest buying direct from a manufacturer.  This way you get the FULL warranty and support of the manufacturer.  Working direct always saves hassle, allows the best price (no middleman) and puts you on their email list, ensuring you always get the lowest pricing.

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Tasty, Powerful Flavors

No Liberty Flights review would be complete without a look at numerous e liquid flavors. Not only are there assorted flavors to appeal to every set of taste buds, but LF also offers an additional strength level. The XO e liquid range goes from 0% to 3.6%, while most brands stop below 3%.

If you like the taste of energy drinks but not the calories, vaporize them instead. Other options include black licorice and bubblegum. Maybe nothing you see is quite what you want, so build your own e liquid. LB carries the liquids, pipettes, syringes, needles, and bottles you will need. All products are pharmacy grade for your safety and are made in the United Kingdom or the United States. The website is conveniently set up for UK or US customers.

Items on the Menu

An example of starter kits available from Liberty Flights is JoyeTech’s eGO-C 650 mAh. Available in black or steel, this kit comes with a carry pouch, manual, and two USB chargers: one for mains power, the other high-speed. You get two 650 mAh batteries, 5 cartridges, and 5 atomizer heads. Other starter kits are made by Sigelei and Liberty Flights’ own make.

Other Items in the Catalogue

LF is fully prepared for customers who want pieces, not kits. They sell manual and pass-through batteries. There are variable voltage batteries so you can select a level which provides the best vaping experience. Protectors for users of manual batteries are an encouraging sign that LF is concerned about consumer safety, not just profit.