When you look for a company to sell you e smoking accessories from several manufacturers, there are particular things you want. The website should be easy to navigate and convenient to use. Prices need to be reasonable. Selection has to be good. Everything you could possibly want should be available or at least carried by the company. Items occasionally go out of stock, but that is to be expected. This LiteCigUSA review will weigh up the store’s performance in these areas.

VaporZone Pulse KitWarning:  Again, this is a store selling various brands.

If you are someone like me who only buys direct, then this probably isn’t for you.

Check out VaporZone, I think you’ll find better stuff there anyways.

Their website:

Retail Accessibility

You visit a LiteCigUSA shop in person, but online buying is often simpler. Besides, what if you don’t live in or near Lockhaven or Williamsport Pennsylvania? Online shopping expands your electronic cig shopping horizons.

The website is very easy to use. Not only are categories laid out simply, but items are displayed large enough to show colors, plus star ratings, pricing, if the goods are in stock, and more details are listed.

Product Variety

LiteCigUSA carries Kanger, JoyeTech, Vivi, Innokin, Fallen Angel, etc. Do not look for all of your favorites however: LCU is partial to a handful of makes, the best ones on the market in their estimation. The selection, however, is comparable to what consumers will find on other e cig websites.

Electronic Cigarette Parts

As elsewhere, expect to find a range of parts to include full kits and small pieces. Buy mouthpiece covers and USB car adaptors. Select lanyards, cases, and tanks. Choose your item by model if you have one in mind, or select according to the part you need.

Extra Features

Once you place an order, you can track it to make sure it isn’t sitting in a warehouse for days or weeks. Earn rewards as a repeat customer. Even though parts are meant to be re-used, flavor runs out, so you can easily build up points. LiteCigUSA is determined to bring you good products at great prices.