Logic Electronic Cigarettes might not compete with the big names in e-cigs, but this Logic review will lay out why it has such a large retail presence, which nobody can deny. There are pros and cons to every brand, no matter how good it is. Sometimes, lesser known brands of electronic cigarettes surprise consumers.

The one brand that’s just turning heads at every corner is V2 Cigs.  The brand is #1 on my recommendation list and I’ve sent 1,000’s of people their way and they are NEVER let down.  Read the review by clicking the link here:  V2 Electronic Cigarette Review 2014.

Battery Power

For example, the battery power of a Logic Electronic Cigarette is huge compared to other batteries. In this game, size matters. Larger batteries provide more power for longer and create greater amounts of vapor. The disadvantage of this larger battery is that the overall look and feel of your cigarette is bulkier than some of the slim brands, but where performance is concerned, who cares?


Apparently, you can find a Logic product almost anywhere. This is not the case with a lot of e-cig companies which turn up sporadically at pharmacies and gas stations. If you need nicotine in a hurry and do not want to give up on your resolve to quit smoking cigarettes, Logic has something on hand at all times. If you order from Logic online, you get free shipping at all times.

Starter Kits and More

The Logic Starter Kit is inexpensive. You get the very basics (USB charger, 2 cartridges, and a battery) for less than $30, even under $20 if you shop at a wholesale site. There are just two choices: white or black. If you want more goods (car adaptor, carry case) they must be bought separately.

Disposables are a decent price, though not the lowest we have seen. Considering the juice is just propylene glycol and not even labeled “made-in-the-USA,” I wonder if they could have charged less. Then again, the battery is bigger and, thus, more expensive.

E-Hookahs are also available from Logic. A lot of e-cig companies add fruity nicotine juice and dessert flavors to their list of e-cig flavors. Logic separates sweets from tobacco and menthol. If you buy a disposable electronic cigarette, it comes in either tobacco or menthol, 1.8% or 2.4% (extra cartridges also contain zero or 1.4% nicotine). Fruits like blueberry and strawberry are reserved for the 0.8% e-Hookah which is essentially a colorful e-cig.