Long Beach Juice Supply

You can guess where Long Beach Juice Supply Co. is from, but that doesn’t mean you can always guess what is in their juice. Most of the flavors from Long Beach Juice Supply are straightforward, but one of their juices is both difficult to dissect and gets extreme reactions. Customers don’t necessarily like the smell, especially before it is steeped, perhaps for a long time. But if you can get over the odor of a particular juice in this menu, you might have found an enjoyable, complicated vape juice.

Flavors: Long Beach Juice Supply Review

Here are some choices if you can find them: Belmont Brew, Blue Line, Port LB, Kings Park, and Shoreline. They are all sweet juices, bottled in glass, and they should all be left to steep at least a little. You can get these juices in 0, 6, 12, and 18-mg strengths and bottles of 15 ml which cost between $12 and $14 with each vendor selecting their own price point. Each flavor, by the way, is named for a route on the Long Beach transit line.

Four B’s

Belmont Brew is one of the sweetest juices in this line. It contains a luscious blend of honey, peach, and melon which some people consider too sweet; others can vape all day.

Blue Line combines vanilla custard with banana which can be a little overwhelming for some, but not if you really like banana. Custard vapes are all the rage and have been for a while.

King’s Park

This is that complicated juice I mentioned above. Strangely, the term “cat pee” is frequently associated with the aroma emanating from this juice, but persist; try hard to like it. If you don’t have success, someone else will. I have read that some vapers detect coconut; others notice guava.

Port LB

Don’t think “pounds,” there are no calories in e juice. Think of an uncomplicated fruity blend. It can smell a little floral at first, but again, steeping cures that problem. This is premium juice after all.


I have seen lots of apple vapes, mostly related to a real or candied-apple flavor, but many of them styled after baked goods. There are apple Danishes (like Illuminati’s “Power”) and apple strudel (The Vial Tonics). I have never seen an apple fritter before, which is the flavor of Shoreline. Fritters are more like donuts: fried and a little fatty. There is a light bite from the apple too and the overall effect is only moderately sweet.

Flavor Trend

Crepe and fritter styles add a breakfast dimension to the vape line at Long Beach Juice Supply. There is terrific density to those and to Blue Line, but you will also notice they love their fruit. Long Beach Juice Supply customers aren’t fond of menthol or tobacco but they know to expect great things from a California e juice company.

Where to Find Long Beach Juice Supply Co. Products

Long Beach Juice Supply can be found at a variety of websites and vape bars in California. They are also sent in boxes from Craft Vapery if you have indicated a preference for baked, fruit, or custard vapes. There are relatively few reviews of this gourmet e juice company and their products. I couldn’t even locate them on Facebook.

But I did spend some time looking for similar products to get a sense of how unique these tastes are. The closest I could come to banana custard was “Banoffi” by Afternoon Tea. Nocturnal Vapes has created a banana cream pie known as “Brass Monkey” which would be similar, but not the same of course. Custard and cream pie are different desserts altogether as any connoisseur will tell you.

With so little information, even relatively few reviews, that should be your cue to visit one of the vape shops carrying this stuff and try it out at the vape bar. That’s the only way to really get a handle on any kind of e juice: words aren’t enough.