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In Southern California, you are spoiled for choice as a vaper. A huge number of the top brands of vapor juice are produced in California, and there are new ones still rising to the top. This is craft e-liquid, just five flavors, none of them named for the ingredients unless there is a back-story the world doesn’t know about. Pricing is in line with premium juices of all sorts.

Names of 5 New Favorites

Here are the names of what could be the next five top e-liquids in the United States. They are Belmont Brew, Blue Line, Kings Park, Port LB, and Shoreline. All of them possess a fruity dimension and are made with care so that several layers emerge during a single vaping session.

LongBeachJuiceSupplyco.comDescribing Gourmet Liquid

Blue Line is a new custard style vape to contend with the few prime custard-style e-liquids out there so far. This one blends vanilla and banana giving it a weighty texture. Custard vapers are very discerning about what constitutes a worthy example of their primary flavor, but Long Beach Juice Supply could contend.

Honey, peach, and watermelon become a refreshing and lightly sweet juice known as Belmont.

Try Kings Park if you love the flavors of tropical fruits. Port LB is the darkest of a series of light liquids. It bears gentle honey color. Port LB tastes of crepes with a fruit reduction that sounds much more like a dish found on a fancy brunch menu. Port LB has amazed gourmet vapers with its complexity.

Apple fritters are also brunch-worthy and become a vapor juice known as Shoreline. In this case, sweet vanilla crème adds body to an unusual, food-style blend.

Bottling this Delicious E-Liquid

Plain, clear glass bottles are topped with ordinary screw lids and no droppers. Being clear highlights the pure and clean quality of these juices. They resemble the miniature bottles of bubble bath one would see in a boxed gift set.

With the industry featuring so many labels, which appear to have been designed as products in their own right, quite apart from the bottle’s contents, these are refreshingly minimal. Liquids are sold in strengths of 0 nicotine, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg.

Overall Long Beach Juice Supply Review

This company sells its goods online, so you don’t have to search for a vendor. The advantage of buying e-liquid in a physical store, however, is that you can walk away with a bottle instantly without paying shipping costs. Long Beach Juice Supply waives shipping on orders of $50 or more. Their prices are $12 for 15mls and $22 for 30mls of their e-liquid.

Consumers are currently discussing this brand of e-liquid and mention the need to steep Long Beach Juice Supply products. Their character develops with a bit of patience. Attention to detail has led to authentic results inspiring lyrical praise.

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The owners of Long Beach Juice Supply Co. want you to get in touch and remain social by visiting them on Facebook and other social media. They also offer an email contact form on their webpage.

So far, Long Beach Juice Supply Co. is in its early days. With experience and time they might eventually add details on their website about their ingredients, although much of what you miss here could be taken out of Facebook conversations.