Mad Scientist Vapor

Have you been hunting for a juice that regularly tops charts written by independent reviewers; one which is not just good but even considered “better” among the very best? If so, this Mad Scientist Vapor review will stop you in your tracks. Mad Scientist Vapor is premium e-liquid.

MadScientistVapor.comMad Scientist Vapor Flavors

With only 8 juices, it’s easy enough to try them all. There are no duds to negatively impact an overall high score for the brand as a whole. The blenders here get it right with Electric Punch, Blueberry Hill, Smoove, Swirly Pop, and more.

Electric Punch is only electrifying in the sense that it will shock your taste buds awake with five fruit flavors. Electric Punch is not dangerous, though potentially addictive. Blueberry Hill combines mixed nuts with blueberries for a unique fusion.

Velvet chocolate and smooth mint, when blended with care from high quality ingredients, creates a Smoove combination. A Swirly Pop is pineapple with other exotic fruits, their tang softened with sweet whipped cream. Swirly Pop is like that dessert your parents dished out as a child: the combination of healthy fruits with an indulgent topping. Mad Scientist also makes a mentholated version of Swirly Pop.

Buy the Juice

Now that you are suitably tempted, buy a 15ml bottle with as much as 2.4% nicotine for $11.95 from Mad Scientist Vapor themselves. They also distribute their goods wholesale to a number of vendors who might fleece you, charging about $1 per ml. There’s no need to pay more: Mad Scientist Vapor runs a tight ship and offers $1.99 for shipping on up to 4 bottles at a time. Buy 5 or more in a single order and shipping is free.

Understanding Mad Scientist Vapor

The website for this company hosts sections where they talk about ingredients and lab conditions. There are even pictures of their lab which has met California Health and Safety Code criteria. Their mixologists have all received ServSafe certification and have experience in their field.

Liquids are made from top-quality ingredients. Vegetable glycerin rated #1 by customers is blended with pure propylene glycol distilled from glycerin. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Their vegetable glycerin is kosher. I do not see any information about heir nicotine: where it comes from, for instance.

Mad Scientist Vapor has made a good start, though, breaking these factors down to the point where when the FDA comes around they might be ready, or will at least be close to ready, to withstand any potential objections that assail the industry.