MadVapes advertises a lot, with banners on forums and around the internet pointing customers in their direction. They are based in Morehead in North Carolina, but their advertising tactics give them national recognition. MadVapes favors Innokin with a section just for their iTaste 134, iClear products, and MVP.

For Starters

MadVapes started in 2009, completely by accident. The owner is a programmer who ended up selling electronic cigarettes as the result of a project for his other job. Eventually, his new line of business took over from the old one. It’s an interesting, slightly harrowing tale of commercial risk taking. The owner is also a vaper. It’s not just about business for him.

MadVapes Review

I generally like the type and levels of stock on the webpage. There is the iClear 16 or 30 featuring 1.5 or 2.1ohms. Chargers and batteries are made by LiFePo4 and NiMH. Pricing is about what you would expect from an online retailer. You can buy a starter kit, such as the 510 Auto Super Shorty Mega for $35.99, or an iTaste SVD Express Kit.

I was surprised to see a 510 disposable kit in menthol flavors because they aren’t all over the place. This is a kit that can be recharged multiple times, but not the standard 100 to 400 charges you can get from regular rechargeable batteries. This 510 kit is packaged with cartridges and an atomizer plus a USB charger for just these batteries.

Top Vapor Liquid

Top Vapor is MadVapes’ own brand, certified by the AEMSA. 10ml bottles start at $2.99 for no nicotine, rising in price as nicotine becomes stronger. A bottle featuring 36mg costs $4.49, so it’s pretty cheap juice. Flavors include Black Currant, Bavarian Cream, Cherry Tobacco and Grandpa’s Mix, which is fruity and woody.

Dekang and Hangsen are familiar vapes and also cheap. If you have not yet tried top shelf products like Five Pawns or Caterpillar, you might not mind these Chinese liquids. Many people enjoy them, but fussy individuals tend to steer clear. Some of that could be vapor snobbery (like wine snobbery; it didn’t take long).

More about the Company

Signing up with the BBB is a voluntary thing, so just the fact that MadVapes registered is a reassuring step. They get an “A” by the way.

MadVapes will send out promotions by email to any readers or customers who sign up. Learn what new items have arrived or are coming to their website before they are sold out, which is not likely. MadVapes stocks a warehouse full of stuff.