Mass Vapour

Mass Vapour is a great e-cig brand choice for those who want variety, affordability, durability and ease of use all in one place. Based in the United Kingdom, Mass Vapour offers its products online and in physical retail stores.

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There is a product for every type of e-cig user at Mass Vapour. From low cost and entry level starter kits to advanced starter kits for those who desire high vapor production, a smooth vaping experience and longer battery lives, there is pretty much everything available at Mass Vapour.

On the other hand, Mass Vapour sells two different kinds of electronic liquids; basic electronic liquid and premium e-liquid (marked by high quality). The former is available in an assortment of flavors such as sweet, menthol, mint, tea, beverage and while the variety available in the latter category is also quite extensive. Some of the premium e-liquid flavors include menthol, cotton candy, green apple, raspberry mint and many others.

At Mass Vapour, users can also get electronic cigarette accessories, cartomizers, refills and spare batteries to get access to uninterrupted ecig smoking. The company’s products can be purchased online from using Visa Electron, Discover, Paypal and other payment options. Mass Vapour also offers refunds on its products if they are in unused condition or original condition.