Maxx Tobacco

It’s not ironic anymore to see a tobacco shop selling e-cigs. They do it all the time, especially since many brands of e-cigs are owned by tobacco companies. Even if they weren’t, smoke shops would be foolish not to catch the wave and offer customers alternatives to analogs.

If they didn’t, someone else would. At least half the smokers coming through a smoke shop’s doors want to quit smoking, including the owners. Why not help them along the way? That’s what happened to Rick and Lisa of Maxx tobacco. They tried e-cigs and their smoking habit was over.

MaxxTobacco.comRYO Beginnings

In 2011, Rick and Lisa started Maxx Tobacco as a place where their Puyallup Washington customers could find cheaper RYO (Roll Your Own) products. They still provide that resource, but more and more of their clients are switching to electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. It could be that a Maxx Tobacco review in the future will have to get rid of “Tobacco” and change it to “E-Cig.”

Products at Maxx Tobacco

Electronic devices from various sources provide goods for several levels of vapers, including the very newest initiate who wants an e-cig to look like his old analogs. Volcano products appear to be among their catalogue of stock which is only sold in the brick-and-mortar store. Purchasing a Magma Kit will get a newbie started and either wean him off of smoking or provide a new direction into vaping.

Also in stock, they have atomizers, chargers, cones, and e-liquid. Buy tanks, drip tips, tube socks, and wicks. They carry Innokin items, starter kits, and over 100 flavors of juice.

Customer Service

Clients at Maxx Tobacco hail this shop as a warm and friendly place. Don’t feel intimidated: their approach is down-to-earth. The shop is nothing fancy, just practical and comfortable. Staff members are patient with new vapers and with people who have never rolled a cigarette before. They open Monday to Sunday so call or email for more details.