Metro eCigs

To be fair, at least Metro disposables only come in menthol and tobacco. These are not going to appeal to young would-be smokers hoping for fruity hookah flavors. They come in assorted, appealing styles, however, which make them appealing accessories for the wannabe trend-setter/follower out there in the urban melee.

Before you read the review – take note of the two brands I urge you to try before all others.  They get incredible feedback from consumers, and have two very unique models. One (V2) being like a real cigarette.  Vapor Zone is for people who like the big tank batteries and custom e-juice.

This Metro review starts with disposables because there are several choices. For one thing, there is color selection including traditional white and yellow, pink, black, midnight, and camo. Prices are stepped: $5.99, $7.99, and $9.00 per disposable. Price tags correspond to the number of puffs you supposedly enjoy: up to 300, 300 in a smaller size, and 500.

Either throw them away or recycle products with Metro for a free disposable e cigarette. Running a recycling program is good marketing. Young people intend to clean up the planet, and this is one step towards cleaning things up. Choosing e cigs over traditional cigarettes is another.

The $19.99 Starter Kit is what you expect with a rechargeable battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger. It comes in a tin case, however, which is a nice touch.

Apart from their other starter kits, Metro provides customers with the option to build their own kits featuring the parts they want, sans pieces they do not require. Start with a base kit containing a mirrored or designer case, tin case, or a rechargeable package.

Apart from this last item, all other starters begin at $12.99. The last one, however, is $34.99 with two batteries before adding cartridges. Other kits come with a clasp-fastened case, USB charger, and one battery. The idea here is for you to add cartridges, extra batteries, etc., according to your idea of a starter kit.

Metro also sells Nicotek products. If you are not familiar with one, you might have tried the other. The main difference is style. This is what Metro is banking on: an idea that young urban vapers will choose a stylish exterior.