Mistic E-Cig

Mistic appears to be aiming at a very specific audience with their e-cig products. While many brands work hard to be trend-setters and sell 8 or more types of e-juice, Mistic takes a different approach to the realm of electronic vaping.

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If you are looking for the least expensive products on the e-cig market, you have found one of them. Unless you were to buy wholesale, it would be hard to find products sold for less and they get even cheaper if you visit discount stores.

If you are looking for the best priced and highest quality product out there, look no further than Bull Smoke. Their prices are the best we’ve found.

Their starter kits come in two sizes: Mistic 2 and Mistic 3. The first of these is the equivalent of an Express kit featuring 1 battery, 2 cartridges, and a USB charger. The price is unbelievable: $14.99, sometimes less.

The second of these kits costs $29.99 and contains a third cartridge, second battery, and a swivel wall charger as well as the USB charger. This is a limited selection without the extra features found in Ultimate and Pro kits located elsewhere, but this is just what a first-time electronic vaper needs to get going.

Disposables are only $5.99, which is just about the lowest this writer has seen anywhere else for retail is $6.99, and that is unusual.

Flavor and Strength

Not only is Mistic aimed at people on a budget, but also at individuals who are uninterested in dessert-flavored e-juice. Cartridges come in menthol or tobacco and in nicotine percentages of 2.4, 1.8, 1.2, or zero.


Until you try a Mistic product it will be hard to say what the flavors are like and how the hardware behaves. Many four- and five-star reviews grace their web page, but as you become more aware of the potential for powerful vapor and great flavor, you might find the cheap price reflects a lesser quality product.

Off the site readers will find assorted opinions about Mistic. The battery is surprisingly powerful for the price and lasts well, but there is one problem: the flavors. Consumers generally do not like these and tend to refill with their own liquids.


What you tend to read about Mistic is that this is a great product for the price. In other words, if you want better, pay more. In this price range, it is one of the the best e-cigs.