Modern Vapor

Modern Vapor calls their e cigs the “modern alternative to tobacco cigarettes.” The brand site presents batteries as though they are items of designer jewelry, yet they do not overcharge for products.

Modern Vapor’s two starter kits are Sidesho and 902, the latter being a bit wider. Each kit costs $39.95. Your package will come with a USB, wall adaptor, case, 5 cartridges, and a single battery in your choice of color.

This review has to point out that the provision of a single battery is a problem for most vapors. Even if this one lasts a whole day (which it will not), there has to be another one on stand-by, ready and charged. Even a pass-through cigarette would be something, and I would willingly pay for the addition of a second battery or a pass-through cigarette.

Pre-filled cartridges come in only two flavors with the starter kit: menthol or tobacco. Sideshow cartridges are available in 0, 12mg, or 16mg of nicotine, making no allowances for a gradual decline from 12mg to nothing or for ex-smokers of stronger analogs. For 902 users, 12mg or 24mg are your only two choices until you buy refills (5 for $11.50).

Replacement cartridge flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and cherry (except 902, which are just menthol or tobacco). Modern Vapor also sells eGo cigs and e liquid including their own and Halo juice.

You will recognize Halo juices from their website: Tribeca, Freedom, etc. The price is $14.95 for 15ml or $7.95 for 10ml of Modern Vapor e liquid. This is superior juice so you pay a bit more.

Cheap made-in-China e liquid is not usually as smooth as U.S.-made juices like these. Modern Vapor flavors include fruit gum, pure menthol, and apple pie. Buy menthol in nicotine strengths of 12, 18, or 24mg.

Modern Vapor carries eGo batteries and tanks. Buy a mini or large tank kit with replacement atomizer heads included and neatly packaged.