Mt Baker Vapor

It might make you nauseous or perhaps entice your palate, but Mt Baker Vapor supplies about as many liquid nicotine flavors as there are bottles at a full bar. Not that each one is named for a cocktail; some of them will put you in mind of the dessert to go with it. This review only has space to describe some.


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We reached out to this brand in October of 2013, as we had seen their unique blends of juices and wanted to get our hands on some.

Initially, we were met with some resistance by their Social Media Marketing department and told all review opportunities were “maxxed out.”  We were left disappointed and moved on to review other great brands who weren’t as reluctant to send us review samples.

In early November we were contacted once again and told the review opportunities had opened up. We were thrilled to find out we could sample a large variety of their e-liquids and were able to get a HEFTY dose of what they offer.  Wow, were we happy to hear from them.

VaporZone E-LiquidWhile we take some time to update the reviews (there will be dozens of e-liquid reviews) we’re just going to go on record that the e-liquid brand we like above all others is VaporZone.

They not only make some delicious liquids but also give you the option of MAKING YOUR OWN E-Liquid.

This gives you over 30,000 possible e-liquid flavors!  Incredible.

Read the review here, or just Visit:

Now, back to Mt Baker’s facts.

Mt Baker Flavor

Try this on for size: 6 types of banana, Arnold Palmer, Bubble Gum, and Absinthe. That’s just for starters. Several pages lay out flavor options, and you can even build your own. Look for the “DIY” section and rest assured: you won’t be learning to put up a solar panel.

Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquids


These guys produce some good quality e-juice, and for the price you can’t beat it, so get yourself a couple bottles and try them out!

Advanced E Cigs

Before getting into the regular vaping products, it is worth pointing out that Mt Baker offers advanced options. Not only that, but they make a point of warning/educating potential customers. These are not for the consumer who has never smoked advanced, personal e cigs before. They are complicated to use, at least during the first few times, and an expensive waste if you forget that. Give the company five stars for being honest and explanatory.

Parts of an advanced product include bodies, bases, multi-meters, and particular batteries. You need to understand the interplay between voltage and resistance, says the website, and be able to utilize variable voltage/wattage.

4.99 usa made e juice
Vapor Starter

Become a vapor beginner with your Mt Baker starter kit. Go big, go small, but be sure to purchase a product you can recharge and refill. This is the promise provided by Mt Baker. Save money by refilling cartomizers and recharging batteries instead of throwing your e cigs in the garbage after 200 puffs.

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