My Freedom Smokes

With a name like My Freedom Smokes, consumers would naturally wonder: freedom from what? Smokers will feel freed from addiction to cigarettes which cause bad health and pull at their purse strings.

They will feel freed from restrictions smokers of ordinary cigarettes face. These are freedoms enjoyed by all users of electronic cigarettes, so this review will get down to specifics about My Freedom Smokes.


Everything on the table, I smoke V2 Cigs. I do think they are the best e-cigs money can buy. Millions of others agree as well.  Read my V2 review here.

Wholesale Prices

One major reason e-smokers buy parts and juice from online resources is that they can get wholesale prices on various brand names and sometimes generic products. My Freedom Smokes offers liquid at wholesale prices, and liquid is the item users replace most.

Purchase juice, the ingredients to create your own, and parts to make refilling less messy and more precise. Buy cylinders, beakers, and flasks for DIY juice making.

Disposable Smokes

Lots of wholesalers carry electronic cigarettes, but most of these are designed to be recharged and reused. Disposables are not listed as often, but you will see them at My Freedom Smokes. Price tags for most items are surprisingly low when on sale.

If they were full price this could not be said: $10 for a single is reasonable, not exciting. E-Hookahs are as cheap as $2.95 each. The normal price for a Cigreat, though, is $6.95, a price that is definitely as eye-catching as their vibrant exteriors.


Juice categories include tobacco, drink, exotic, and signature flavors. Consumers can also focus on products made from vegetable glycerin if they object to propylene glycol. E-liquids include versions for pipe smokers and cigar users as well as cigarette tobacco like Congress and Soldier’s Blend.

Versions like cola, crème de menthe, and Hawaiian Punch simulate the flavors of well-known alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Nicotine strength starts at zero and reaches a startling 48mg: twice the usual maximum offered by e-juice makers. Quantities start at 10ml but go up to 500ml for really big savings.





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