My Vapor Store

My Vapor Store is actually yours, mine, and ours. The site classifies itself as an online superstore for all things related to electronic vaporizing. This review will touch on which brands the site carries, and advantages or disadvantages of choosing their store instead of going to individual brand websites.

electronic cigaretteWARNING: In my experience shopping online, I have always preferred to buy direct from manufacturers.

They are much more receptive to returns, servicing a warranty, and providing support.

Always go direct, that’s my advice.  If you want the best, click here.

Is this a Superstore?

MVS carries brands such as Joyetech, Smoktech, Innokin, and Kanger. Many notable names are not here, and the ones remaining might not be well known. The list is pretty small considering what is out there. Some are represented in the e liquid category. Others fall under e cigs and accessories.

Shopping Categories

My Vapor Store splits its products into all of the categories you should be interested in such as atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, batteries, and cartridges. In other words, you will find the combined atomizer-cartridge, stand-alone cartridges, and tanks for advanced e vaporizing. Everyone is represented.

Vaping Models

Though several models are listed, the range is not extensive for a so-called superstore. What it does include, however, is a bit of every style of e cig. There are pens, telescopic models, and minis, for instance.

Buy a starter kit or just one of the pieces you need to replace something broken, lost, or worn out. A miscellaneous section provides space for items less sought after such as resistance wire, mesh, and lanyards. Find cases, refill funnels, and cones here too.

E Liquid

Select e liquid according to categorized flavors: tobacco, menthol/mint, or fruit, etc. Otherwise you could spend a few hours simply browsing flavors. Liquids include imported and US-made juice. Pictures of the flavors will make you crave cocktails, berries, specialty coffees, and sweets treats.

One-Stop Advantages

This is potentially one-stop shopping unless you were hoping to find the goods from a particular brand at a lower price than elsewhere. If you can be flexible, then there are savings to be made.