NHaler sells its own products (Greenworld) and others like Smoktech and Ismoka. This NHaler review looks at selection, prices, and website features.

Index card-style top-tags guide customers to products like disposable vaporizers, tanks, e pipes and e cigars. Although easy to use, this design makes a nice change from sidebars. Read their “about us” page for details of their mission and awards won.

NHaler.comBuyers should beware of thinking a discount outlet is always cheaper, no matter what you buy there. Some items are well-priced, like a N100 KR8008 Express Starter Kit for $22. It contains 4 cartridges with a single battery and USB charger.

Another kit from Greenworld costs $10 more but contains 2 cartridges fewer. It is called the G300 because you should enjoy 300 puffs from a charge. I would go for the generic version above and pay $10 less.

There really is a wide assortment of colorful, shapely vaping machines on this website, enough to bewilder the newcomer. Their XHaler (another NHaler product) is available in many stylish designs. It has a mechanized switch, lifetime warranty, and is easy to look after.

You should experience an authentic smoking experience if you have moved from cigs to vaping without trying simpler e cigs in between. These have high-drain batteries, brass tips, and two adaptors (for 510 to 901 or 801 thread atomizers). Choose one of up to 29 designs and colors including marbled, striped, vapor clouds, and crystal. $80 buys you just the unit.

Is this a lot for a vaping base? If it produces thick vapor for a long time, no: expect to pay this much, especially since it comes with adaptors.

I always thought vaping was pretty quiet, but NHaler sells a silencer. It looks like a gun silencer but is a battery modification to allow you to regulate voltage. NHaler carries extras to help consumers get creative with devices they own.