NicoClean is handmade e juice from the US filled with mostly American ingredients. They use USP, good-grade flavorings, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. Strengths go up to a considerable 36 mg per milliliter; a lot more than many companies manage. Usually, 24 mg is the limit. NicoClean is located in Seattle, Washington, and was started as a response to low-quality e liquids the owner kept finding in his clearomizer. They also carry an Evod Starter Kit.

NicoCleanllc.comFour Flavor Categories

There are four types of e juice flavors at NicoClean: Fruit, Beverages, Candy and Desserts, and Tobacco and Menthol. No flavor is a complex mixture or anything unique. None of them is inspired. The great thing about these choices, however, is that when you taste the flavor of high-quality juice, you will have something to compare it with.


Some of the fruits are standards such as blueberry-strawberry and apricot. A few are exotic, like passion fruit and litchi. Most items under this heading are either straight fruits or two fruits blended together.


This section contains alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; warm and cold items. Examples include vanilla bourbon, blue bull, caramel mocha, and pina colada.

Dessert and Candy

Some of the flavors here could also be considered fruit styles, or would have been on certain menus. NicoClean wisely keeps them where they belong — among other baked and confectionery flavors. They include strawberry donut and banana taffy. More straightforward styles are cinnamon toast crunch and cotton candy, although the cinnamon one is less a dessert than a breakfast cereal.

Tobacco and Menthol

Here you won’t find any descriptions to help you make a choice, but flavors are familiar anyway. Cool is a menthol style. Hump Day will remind you of Camels.

Pertinent E Juice Information

NicoClean charges $7.95 per bottle of e juice. They neglect, however, to indicate the size of bottle you will receive for this price. If it is a 10-ml bottle, $7.95 is expensive, equaling about the price of a gourmet juice per milliliter. If that is the price of 15 ml, NicoClean is cheap. I’m guessing $7.95 buys the smaller bottle.

NicoClean Club

For a monthly fee, you can subscribe to receive regular shipments of e juice. Arrange for 2, 4, or 8 bottles of e liquid to be sent out automatically. When you start the program, you can select the juices you want or ask for NicoClean to surprise you.

NicoClean Review

Their name is well chosen to suggest this is a clean, healthy brand of e juice and to hint that others might not be. It’s a clever and simple idea. NicoClean also maintains a simple selection of flavors which can be enjoyed alone or blended by users at their discretion. Quality is high; flavors are varied enough. NicoClean is worth a try.