This Nicotek review will look at the latest e-cig designed to attract a young audience. Right off the bat they get on my bad side here because I do not think any cigarette or e-cigarette marketing should be appealing to a young audience. Still, if young adults are going to smoke, they had better vape instead.

Starter Kits

There are just two starter kits available, but they come in different varieties. The Platinum is available in menthol or traditional. Each set includes 10 cartridges, five at 1.8% and five at 1.2%. Also included in the kit are two rechargeable batteries, and chargers (car, wall, USB), all for $49.99.

The second option is a Standard Kit costing $19.99 for 2 cartridges (traditional or menthol) and a rechargeable battery. The menthol option is only available in 1.8% nicotine, but tobacco comes in both strengths. You can also opt for a collector’s tin case to go with it.

As a new customer, starter kits qualify for 15% off your purchase price to make this an even more affordable way to get started. Metro also runs a recycling program, essential for the green generation. Disposables are not just convenient and cheap ($5.99) but also colorful and trendy.

A fun additional option is to build your own starter kit. Pick a case design (camouflage, pink, midnight, etc.), flavor, strength (0 to 1.8%), batteries, and chargers.

First Impressions

The website is simple to use and presentation is good. Packaging is different: not the low, wide gift box but a carton shape, though with a cityscape image.

Nicotine reaching just 1.8% is not enough for experienced smokers to switch over, reinforcing the impression that Nicotek is designed for the young, first-time would-be smoker without experience of full-strength or extra-strength cigs.

What about power?

Is Nicotek good enough? Does their battery hold a charge? Unfortunately, it appears the low price could be a reflection of low battery power. It sounds like users lose their charge more quickly than they expect and are not satisfied with vapor production either. This is the experienced vaper’s perspective. Newbies have nothing to compare vapor with, so might be happy with the price, not to mention very good customer service.