If you started learning about Eliquid by reading the Nicoticket site, you might think you had entered a winery tasting website instead. Much of the language is suggestive of drink mixing and wine tasting notes, which adds a touch of class to the site itself. This Nicoticket review will comment as much on descriptive prowess as on nicotine juices.

An Attention Grabber

Before you even start exploring flavors, notice the success banner Nicoticket will create for you. Type in the date you quit smoking, the approximate hour, how many packs you used to smoke, and how much they cost you. Your banner will continually update information, encouraging you to keep vaping and never start smoking again.

Interesting Labels

Ordinarily, any time you see the words “H1N1” and “syringe” in the same sentence, you are planning to get a flu shot. In the case of Nicoticket, H1N1 is an Eliquid and you use a syringe to fill your tank. Ratings on this variety are good, no matter what the name suggests. Reviewers compare it with RY4 but with additional tasting notes.

As you read how the H1N1 features certain notes early on, undercurrents, aromas, and lingering flavors, you really feel like a wine connoisseur trying to choose between various flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, many red wines carry a hint of tobacco in their profile.

Then the write-up talks about mixologists, a popular name for professional cocktail mixers. Plus, beginning vape users are encouraged to learn more about steeping their juice, as though it were tea. Associations keep leading the reader/consumer away from electronic vaporizing.

Gravity is not just what keeps you rooted to earth: it is a four-fruit ensemble for your electronic cigarette. Taste tangerine, cranberry, pomegranate, and peach on your palate, and expect to become well-versed in how to evaluate and describe Eliquid flavors by the time you work your way through them all.