Nicstick is perhaps the only brand in the market out there that offers something unique. We have reviewed several brands and the conclusion has always been the same; each brand has the same product with different flavors and quality assurance.

What Nicstick does different is that it uses the tank system technology that is hardly available in today’s electronic cigarette market, though it is increasingly being made more available, with some of the top brands such as V2 and South Beach adding versions of tanks to their product line.

Nicstickshop.comThe tank system is basically a three piece design that allows the liquid in the atomizer to be heated directly. This means that you not only get a powerful feeling from the vapor, but the taste is also very good.

The only downside of the tank system is that it uses refills and there is some DIY before you can start using the electronic cigarette. So if you are unsure how to handle and refill an atomizer, you are probably not going to like Nicstick. However, if you prefer vapor taste and quality over other things, you are going to quickly fall in love with this brand.

Nicstick also stands apart from other e cigarette brands in the market due to its various starter kits. When we first entered the website of the brand, we were welcomed with several starter kits that put us in a hard position to choose one.

The starter kits are not only affordable but they also come with tons of extras. For example, nearly all of the starter kits include a minimum of two batteries and a black carrying case which is great if you are on the go.

Another great thing about Nicstick is the way they handle the operation of the electronic cigarette. For example, you may not find many electronic cigarettes that come with a safety switch. This safety switch does wonders for people who mistakenly turn on their electronic cigarettes when they rest in their pockets. The safety switch can be turned on and off on demand whenever you want to use it so you can avoid accidental operation.

The vapor quality and flavors are great especially due to the fact that this electronic cigarette uses the tank system. We highly recommend the brand to anyone who likes a hard and fresh throat hit whenever they sit down to vape.

But keep in mind that the tank system is not for everyone as mentioned earlier in this review. If you are completely unsure how an electronic cigarette works, you may end up accidently consuming too much nicotine from your puffs which can be a terrible experience.

Nicstick is great if you are looking for an affordable electronic cigarette that offers great vapor production, excellent tasting flavors and convenient additions to the package. We highly recommend trying their basic starter kit out for is as low as $26.99, which is a decent price.