E cigarette companies almost always provide so many product choices that starting electronic smoking can be confusing. They also make it look fashionable for young people who have never smoked before. At the NJOY website one might wonder if they were thinking about these two issues because the catalogue is sparse, simple, and easy to use without a touch of glamour.

Product Review

Here are your choices: an express starter kit, disposable electronic cigs, Kings (extra strong), and a few essential extras. With the Kings you choose 3% or 4.5% percent nicotine where most companies only go as high as 2.4%. However, NJOY e cigs are not designed for people who want to give up nicotine. There is no 0% nicotine option.

There is also no long list of exotic flavors. Select tobacco or menthol: that’s it. The look and feel of their cigs is also very similar to that of a real cigarette. It is a simple yellow and white two-part stick which glows at the tip when you puff on it. Packaging resembles ordinary packets for three, five, ten, or twenty cigs at a time. There is nothing glitzy or fancy in appearance here: just practical marketing. You won’t be asked to choose a battery color or the hue of your LED light. All in all, the idea seems to be mimicking traditional cigs as closely as possible to win over die-hard smokers.

Disposable E Cigs

NJOY sells regular e cigs and Kings in disposable format. If you like them, send your used items in to NJOY for a free product and help look after the environment at the same time. To show that they have faith in their products, NJOY is offering a free sample to get consumers started. Each disposable cigarette states that the nicotine level equals two packs of ordinary cigs.

Reusable Cigarettes

Better still a 5-pack of cartridges is the equivalent of a full carton of cigarettes, so moving to the rechargeable version is ultimately cheaper. An express kit comes with 1 battery, 5 cartridges, a USB charger, and an instruction manual. Cartridges come in 0.6%, 1.2%, or 1.8% nicotine and you pay $21.99 for the product.