Northwest Vapors

Along with the brands themselves, electronic cigarette stores have grown in popularity and number. Take your pick: there are several across the country. Many run one or more physical shops plus their online catalogues.

However, before I go into the review of this e-store, I do always suggest for the best experience, shop direct.

When you shop direct, you get the full warranty without any middleman that doesn’t know as much as he should about the product.  So on that, that’s why we suggest you just go to the V2 Cigs Review, read why they are the best, and buy directly from them.  You can thank me later.

Their website is

A Northwest Vapors Review

Like the other stores selling products from across the e cigarette landscape, Northwest Vapors carries assorted brands and items. Some you need; others are convenient. Lanyards are nice to have. So are various types of cases for cartomizers and electronic cigs.

Categories include parts (batteries, cartomizers, etc.) to build your own package of essentials, ready-made starter kits with the bare essentials, and things you need to replace occasionally like juice and batteries.

If you like DIY projects, you will appreciate the option of making your own e liquid. Juice is created by combining nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavors, all sold at Northwest Vapors.

Features of an Interactive Website

Shopping can be a practical necessity or an interactive experience. When shops like Northwest Vapors encourage clients to use Facebook and Twitter, this gives them a place to ask questions or make comments and get an immediate answer. Social networking gives online storekeepers personalities and makes customers feel valued.

Under a photo of the Northwest Vapors staff is a link to their favorite flavors, providing another way to connect with real people.

More Features

Northwest Vapors will send out an e-newsletter to members of their site. Even if you are not in the market for a new clearomizer just now, learn about the products available. Discover new flavors of juice. See what is seasonal and popular, such as pumpkin chai for October and Christmas flavors in December.

Special deals come up now and again, so keep an eye on those when the newsletter comes, or visit now and again to keep up with discounts and new products. An everyday deal is free shipping on orders amounting to $50 or more.